I Want briefs by la fille d'O

La Fille d'O

I want briefs by la fille d'O are high and full coverage in the front, and playfully exposed in the back. Clipping shut with a buckle in the small of your back. They dive into a deep V that reveals a snippet of... the goods. High rise over the hips like we all love. Pair with the Fast Girls bra. 

Designed and made in Belgium. Fabrics developed in Liebaert, Belgium. La fille d’Os soft tulle used for its second skin feeling, and gentle support. Combined with ‘Magic curves®’ elastic strapping, which mimicks the elastic capacity of human skin.

Composition of soft tulle: 89% polyamide, 11% elastane. Composition of magic curves®: 58% polyamide, 42% elastane.

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