Diode patent leather cage bustier by Chromat

by: Chromat

The Chromat Diode patent leather cage bustier is one of the striking pieces of Chromat's AW15 'Mindfiles' collection. The underwire bra with corset boning cage-like cups that extend down into a peplum style body is bound in glossy black patent leather. The body is finished with four garter clips to b worn alone in a fashion outfit or clipped into stockings. Gunmetal black joiners and hooks. Handmade in the USA.

The Chromat AW15 collection explores the transfer of human consciousness to new forms, utilizes artificial intelligence and expands the concepts of innovator Martine Rothblatt's post-human Mindfiles to envision an entirely (wo)man-made, synthetic world of bionic bodies. In this world, garments function as artificial augmentation and enhancement of the human body. The AW15 lingerie, garments and cages implements material biotechnology, such as leather coated in patent surfaces, to recreate natural phenomenon through chemical processes. 

Collections: Chromat, Everything, Top

Type: Bra

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