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Is this our favourite storybook ever? Probably. We have the last of the First Edition special slip-covered hardbacks, all signed and numbered by the author and overflowing with erotic photography. Only 200 of these were produced, we doubt you'll find this priceless collector's edition for sale anywhere else in the world. 

  • First edition hardback 
  • Slip-covered
  • Signed by Ellen von Unwerth
  • Only 200 copies were produced worldwide 

Models include Tina Davis, Janelle Fishman, Sarabeth Stroller, Dorota Wójcik, Julie Ordon, Diana Stoessel, Minerva Portillo, Lenka Batkova, Sheila Ruschell, Micki Olin, Svenja Parotat, Nicole Laliberté, Travis Marshall and Karim Bekka.