Nami Window Art

February 12, 2017

Who better to create some amazing Nami collection inspired art on our windows than internationally acclaimed artist & friend Nanami Cowdroy.

We first met Nana in Sydney over 8 years ago when we stumbled across her art online. We were immediately drawn to the intricate inkyness, purchasing one of her beautiful pieces as a wedding gift. Nanami was so engaging and warm and our friendship slowly grew over the years. We now have a number of her works and are proud to say our influence has rubbed off on Nanami too, inspiring the art works 'Exquisite Femme' & 'Touch Up'. 'Exquisite Femme' features the intricate venetian masks we stocked at the time and you can play spot the Bordelle in 'Touch Up'.

Growing up with contrasting European & Japanese cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced Nanami's unique style and expression of creativity. The result is a mish-mash of contradicting elements, urban landscapes with underwater creatures or technology with nature in a way that brings a sense of co-existent harmony.

Nanami wears DSTM hooded body and Mercurius harness

Being brought up in a family of artists encouraged Nanami’s creativity and allowed her to embrace her view of the world through artistic goggles – something she put on at an early age.

“When I was maybe three or four, I got my hands on some face paints, and I became obsessed with them! I drew whiskers, butterflies, stars, spiders, glasses, vampire blood, stitches, you name it – but I was allergic to them! Though that didn’t stop me… I ended up drawing on my face every second day, with the alternating day used to calm down the skin irritation & swelling… I guess you suffer for your passion!”

We will also be featuring some of Nana's other work in the store, drop by to drink in the inky beauty.

Shop Nanami's online store

Photography by @justinfoxau

More images from Nana's in store shoot on Justin's blog.


Bordelle's Nami Collection

January 28, 2017


The final installment of Bordelle's SS17 collection has just landed at babylikestopony. 

The sensual and sophisticated Nami range features exclusively developed guipure lace. Inspired by one of Japan's most iconic works of art, the Great Wave of Kanagawa, a woodblock print by 18th century artist Katsushika Hokusai. And also the inspiration behind one of our personal favourite art works, 'Uprisings' by contemporary artist duo Kozyndan.

'Nami', japanese for wave, is an exquisite combination of intricately embroidered scalloped Swiss guipure, Bordelle's signature customised satin elastic panelling, 24K gold plated hardware and silk satin bows in a soft palette of soft duck egg, caramel and cream. And, yes, black too.

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It's not just other artists and lingerie designers that The Great Wave off Kanagawa has inspired.

French composer Claude Debussy shared the inspiration for The Sea (La Mer) on the cover of its sheet music. A sketch fashioned after The Great Wave off Kanagawa gave music lovers the iconic image to associate with the orchestral composition.

The poet Rainer Maria Rilke penned, "The Mountain," after being so impressed by the meticulousness that went into the print's creation, the poem begins: "Six and thirty times and hundred times/ the painter tried to capture the mountain,/ tore it up, then pushed on again/ (six and thirty times and hundred times)."

Oh, and It’s an emoji. Clearly its highest honour yet.


January 06, 2017

babylikestopony is always looking for unique new labels to add to our collection but we're tough critics. Our criteria includes labels that are body positive, pro-women, original designs, sweat shop free, sustainable, ethical, of the highest quality and contemporary. Big asks in an industry dominated by cheap mass production, design theft and a profit first attitude. Many other companies pay lip service to some of these ideals but we live by them, it's the reason I started this business in the first place. I truly believe in proving that doing business with your ideals and ethics intact is possible and damn it I'm going to prove it.

So a company established in 1962 by a Catalan textile engineer doesn't immediately fit the mold. But ANDRES SARDA is no ordinary lingerie label. A history of innovation, of breaking down stereotypes and developing designs that are not only comfortable and practical but also sophisticated and sexy and all produced in the family's home town of Barcelona and with Nuria SardáAndre's daughter, as creative director of the brand we're proud to welcome the label to our collection.

Creativity, excellence, new materials, the love of risk taking in design and the desire to surprise are the key attributes that define the product style of ANDRES SARDA, we hope you love it.

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New Year Trading

December 15, 2016

Closed January 1st to the 9th

We'll be taking a short break till Monday January 9th. Hope you all had a fantastic New Year.

Lingerie emergency? Available by appointment. Call 0488 766 966.

Bordelle SS17

November 20, 2016


Building on their previous collection, for Spring/Summer 2017 Bordelle again draws inspiration from Japanese culture. This time around structural samurai elements, exquisite lace and a nod to current fashion trend of the moment, sports-luxe, combine to produce a truly unique and exquisitely crafted collection.

“Tomoe was especially beautiful, with white skin, long hair, and charming features. She was also a remarkably strong archer, and as a swordswoman she was a warrior worth a thousand, ready to confront a demon or a god, mounted or on foot.” — The Tale of the Heike.

Not surprisingly, Japanese history, like most national histories, tends to be a bit of a sausage-fest. However tales of bad-ass women do shine through and Tomoe Gozen was certainly among them. Tomoe, the Samurai, who lends her name to the collection, was a 12th century warrior. Tomoe, the collection, is fittingly fearless and ground-breaking, blending structural signature customised elastic panelling, soft sheer mesh and opulent 24K gold plated hardware.

Inspired by a modern form of Japanese martial arts, the Kendo collection is handcrafted with supple stretch-sports fabric, signature customised elastic strapping and 24K gold plated hardware. Sport-luxe like you've never seen before.

Explore the Tomoe collection

Fleet Ilya joins the stable

October 19, 2016

We've been fans of our latest addition for many years, a visionary design brand centred around excellence in the construction of leather.

Fleet Ilya came into being with the objective of establishing a label that both embraced the erotic possibilities of leather as well as bridging a high fashion aesthetic, our kind of brand. The result is expertly crafted, lifestyle objects, ready to wear accessories and functional restraint pieces.

Like all our brands, Fleet Ilya operate as an atelier, quality of both materials and design is intrinsic to every piece, created by hand using traditional methods while experimenting & embracing new techniques. 

You may have seen their recent catwalk collaboration with Comme Des Garcons, as well as Jonathan Saunders, and most recently couturier Ulyana Sergeenko.

Be sure to explore our curated collection of Fleet Ilya’s coveted pieces.

We're a winner in City Hub's 'Best of Sydney' awards!

The City Hub turned 21 this year & to celebrate the fact we live in a damn cool city filled with culture, creativity and fun, their 'Best of' awards are a homage to all the places that make it so. The list includes all of their favourite haunts, and some of ours, both on and off the beaten track.

According to the award write up:
"Babylikestopony is as luxurious of an experience to shop in as the lingerie you’ll find instore. If you’re looking to dress up or rather, dress down, to treat your significant other for remembering your anniversary; or just to treat yourself, nothing says provocative but classy like draping yourself in the finest lace and silk."

Read the full article on their site

Big thanks to the Altmedia team xox

Client, friend and local Sydney artist, Rochelle Buckley recently completed our first store wall mural. The piece, in bold black and white features one of Rochelle's unique characters dressed in babylikestopony and our word mark. 

Check out more of Rochelle's work on her instagram @awholelotofbuck or shop her work on etsy.

I case you were wondering, our unicorn girl is wearing Bordelle bondage shelf bra, DSTM high waisted thong, Paul Seville pony tail and custom unicorn mask.

Rochelle also wears Bordelle bondage shelf bra, Amoralle sheer mesh bodysuit & Bordelle bondage waspie.


AW16 Bordelle

July 24, 2016

Bordelle aw16

Bordelle's Autumn/Winter 2016 collection explores the influences of Japanese art, fashion and aesthetic on Western culture. 

The designer says:

‘Geisha’ and its origin lay the foundations for the research behind the AW16/17 collection. In its literal terms, the word ‘Geisha’ refers to a performing artist and it is this notion of the literal translation that inspired Bordelle’s vision of the modern Geisha. Our muse is envisaged as strong and elegant. As tradition suggests, she is an artisan well versed in the arts of social navigation but contrary to traditional beliefs, the modern Bordelle Geisha has an attitude that conveys power and independence and acts on the desire to always put herself first.

We say:

The season is broken down into 3 ranges, 'Kinbaku' which draws from a traditional form of tight rope binding; 'Sensu' named after Japanese folding fans and featuring Bordelle's burnt red elastic and swiss fan embroidered tulle and 'Asobi' inspired by elements of origami with playful cutouts and woven and folded elastic detailing.

We love it, with each new season Bordelle continues to innovate and find creative new interpretations of their signature aesthetic. We've found the fit and finish this season to be perhaps even better with high quality fabrics and hardware that feels incredible to wear. 

The introduction of rich red elastic, unique lace, silk and sheer mesh across the collection provides a new option from the perennial black, look, we know, it takes a lot to get us out of our black but there are exceptions.


Welcome MURMUR

April 27, 2016

Kylie Jenner in murmur lingerie shot by Sasha Samsonova. Murmur corset underwear available from babylikestopony

It's always a thrill to welcome a new label to the pony stables and Murmur clothing is no exception.

Designer and founder, Andreea Bădală, studied Fashion Design at the University of Arts in Bucharest and Pattern Technology at London College of Fashion. Before starting Murmur she worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Richard Nicoll and Emilio de la Morena. Her vision for a luxury womenswear brand entwines her two passions: lingerie and a contemporary take on the classic silhouette of the 40’s and 50’s.

Corsets, bodies and dresses are handcrafted in her own atelier with signature elements such as discreet bondage details, handmade retro bra cups and various interpretations of the suspender clip.

As with all our products, attention to detail, construction quality and materials are of the highest standards.

Murmur is worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner (pictured above shot by Sasha Samsonova) and featured in fashion editorials for Vogue UK, ELLE UK, WestEast Hong Kong & Grazia Italy.

Murmur Clothing Romania. Luxury silk fashion lingerie and corsetry available at babylikestopony darlinghurstDetails of Murmur clothing and lingerie in store at babylikestopony