Reasons to shop babylikestopony

November 20, 2014


In the fashion industry, there's very little intellectual property protection, that’s why all those chain stores & corporations can blatantly copy designs. We pride ourselves on being unique and following our hearts and we choose brands that do the same. We only stock original, innovative designers who are creating trends not stealing them.


We’re 100% owned and self-funded by awesome women for awesome women, all of our designers are independently owned businesses and almost all of them are also owned and run by women.


 We use express trackable couriers for all international deliveries & Express post within Australia (couriers on request) to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible. 


 We're right there with Shirley Horn when she sings 'the dumb ones go for quantity, the wise ones go for quality'. We’re fastidious (OK perhaps a little obsessive even) about everything we sell and ensure our styles are perfectly designed and constructed. This means you can be sure that you’ll get only the very best from babylikestopony. And because your pony pieces will last years (even lifetimes) the environment will thank you too.