We're thrilled to present our Halloween window installation by lady of skulls, Sofia Fitzpatrick.

October 05, 2015

Featured are Sofia's ‘Man of War jellyfish’ sculpture and window illustration art. The Man of War sculptures are hand sculpted in wax and hand cast in resin with LED lights, brass wire & chain, gold leafed perspex stands. For Sofia, the Man of War jellyfish sculpture symbolises the destruction humanity creates as a colony and collective while highlighting their venerability and fragility. The jellyfish was named after the old sailing ships that carried great destructive power, like the sting from the jellyfish, but in truth humanity is by far the most destructive thing on the planet.

The Portuguese man-of-war looks like a jellyfish, but it is not a true jellyfish. In fact, it is not even a single animal. It is a siphonophore, which is an animal made up of a colony of organisms that work together. Specifically, the man-of-war consists of four separate polyps. The top polyp is a gas-filled bladder that reminded people of the sails on the once common ship known as a ‘man-of-war’.

The sculpture is supported by hand drawn illustrations on the store windows and our product display featuring some of our Halloween party essentials to cover your booooo-bies, because if you got it, you gotta haunt it.

We'll also have Sofia's fantastic silver skull Jewellery for sale. Come drag your bones to visit our Sydney store in October/November.

Find out more about Sofia's work here.

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Oh, by the way, what type of art do skeletons like? Skulltures! It's ok, we're here all month xox