Chromat AW16 at NYFW

February 20, 2016

 Chromat NYFW runway collection AW16. Lumina light up wearable technology for Fall Winter

The Chromat Autumn/Winter 2016 LUMINA Collection is inspired by the color theory and light explorations of conceptual artists Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin combined with the biological functions of luminescence.

Becca McCharen explores not just new colours and fabrics but whole new horizons with her latest collection for her structural, experimental fashion label.

Recently McCharen has inspired by the color theory and light explorations of conceptual artists Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin, who share a creative philosophy similar to Chromat's. "[Irwin] designed [Excursus: Homage to the Square] to engage with the museum's architectural and lighting specificities," read the exhibition's curatorial notes, "a technique he has articulated as 'site conditioned,' in which "the sculptural response draws all its cues (reasons for being) from its surroundings". So too is Chromat's architectural lingerie and athleticwear reactive to its surroundings, specifically to the female body in all its multifarious shapes and sizes. From plus-size show-opening Denise Bidot (wearing an unapologetic platinum wig and neon LED light cage) to musician and muse Juliana Huxtable (sci-fi cool in a second-skin stretch mini structured by intricate chest scaffolding) Chromat's superstar lineup of powerbabes is alway one of the show's many highlights. Dressing diverse bodies, an act most designers approach with reluctance, is something McCharen does seemingly unconsciously. The designer casts only women she finds inspirational and empowering, whether she finds them on the boards at JAG Models or behind the decks at a Club.

Another highlight is the responsive gloves made in collaboration with Intel Innovation and powered by a tiny chip module that can make the garment glow an infinite possibility of colours. Chromat's runway shows are a portal into the future of digitally optimised fashion, but any look could be equally perfect for a pool party or when you finally score an invitation from that friend of a friend with the yacht.

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