August 08, 2021

Take a dive into the depths. A continuation of Bordelle's 'Beautiful Yet Dangerous' theme, this season draws inspiration from the mysterious ocean deep.


The first collection is named Ula, from the Celtic, meaning ‘Jewel of the Sea’, and it's certainly a gem. Two fabrics are featured across the range; a luxuriously soft stretch mesh and an open-knit recycled mesh with a foiled finish. The foiling technique is new this season, creating a pearlescent-shine inspired by the reflections of water. Available in three colourways; classic black and tundra return alongside eden green, a new elastic of deep, rich green, evocative of kelp forests.


We love that that Bordelle is inspired by the beauty of nature, but we are even more proud of their continued commitment to incorporating recycled fabrics into their incredible collections. When our oceans are being decimated by pollution, overfishing, warming and habitat destruction every positive effort counts.


Up next is the captivating femininity of Aurea, taking its name from Aurelia Aurita, a bioluminescent species of jellyfish only found in the ocean depths. That influence becomes clear when the lights go out and you experience the never before seen new colourway which is woven with extraordinary glow-in-the-dark threads. Yes. GLOW IN THE DARK! We are loving it.

The three colourways are, again, inspired by our jellyfish friend. Classic black is reimagined with an opulent combination of glittering gold and silver lurex threads. The divine Eden continues with contemporary shades of green and the addition of contrasting purple. While Tundra dials it up with the unique and distinctive glow-in-the-dark threads. Mimicking bioluminescence, the pieces emit a soft glow when charged with light.

Continuing the sustainable mission of Bordelle, the bespoke swiss-embroidery utilises repurposed plastic inspired by the complex and delicate shapes of jellyfish tendrils.

Stand out pieces? It's hard to choose as always, but we simply can't not mention the Ula ouvert bra that still provides amazing shape and support across a range of sizes and features intricate detailing at the back. The Aurea cupless basque too is beautiful and versatile. Remove the detachable halter straps to wear as a suspender or cinch over outerwear.

Experience the collections: Ula | Aurea