AW16 Bordelle

AW16 Bordelle

July 24, 2016

Bordelle aw16

Bordelle's Autumn/Winter 2016 collection explores the influences of Japanese art, fashion and aesthetic on Western culture. 

The designer says:

‘Geisha’ and its origin lay the foundations for the research behind the AW16/17 collection. In its literal terms, the word ‘Geisha’ refers to a performing artist and it is this notion of the literal translation that inspired Bordelle’s vision of the modern Geisha. Our muse is envisaged as strong and elegant. As tradition suggests, she is an artisan well versed in the arts of social navigation but contrary to traditional beliefs, the modern Bordelle Geisha has an attitude that conveys power and independence and acts on the desire to always put herself first.

We say:

The season is broken down into 3 ranges, 'Kinbaku' which draws from a traditional form of tight rope binding; 'Sensu' named after Japanese folding fans and featuring Bordelle's burnt red elastic and swiss fan embroidered tulle and 'Asobi' inspired by elements of origami with playful cutouts and woven and folded elastic detailing.

We love it, with each new season Bordelle continues to innovate and find creative new interpretations of their signature aesthetic. We've found the fit and finish this season to be perhaps even better with high quality fabrics and hardware that feels incredible to wear. 

The introduction of rich red elastic, unique lace, silk and sheer mesh across the collection provides a new option from the perennial black, look, we know, it takes a lot to get us out of our black but there are exceptions.