July 23, 2018

New label 'Ruban Noir'.

The universe that Stéphanie Weinich’s has created through her brand, Ruban Noir, is one that we love exploring. Sophisticated and playful, it caught our eye in Paris and it’s been on our mind and in our dreams ever since.

At first glance, the simple lines and use of fine Italian Jersey evoke a sporty, casual look. The designs, true to the name ‘Black ribbon’ are soft yet daring, supple yet structured. Simple and still sophisticated.

Ruban Noir plays on duality. It marries street art and couture, nods at classical codes of seduction like poetry while choosing a creative process that is bold and modern.

Looking a little closer, you’ll discover that every garment is meticulously produced using innovative techniques that are unique to the brand.

Stéphanie spent years developing and refining her execution and materials to create a combination that is rarely seen in lingerie.


"The whimsical, unpredictable ribbon changes, intrigues, transforms itself according to the desires of the designer; it shapes and magnifies her forms.

Ruban Noir creations are precious and subtle jewels. It is the lingerie of unique moments."


Mixing Jersey with polyurethane, she experiments with her creations in a laboratory-like set up. Between an oven, a press, a saw and a computer-piloted laser, her creations mix analog savoir-faire with digital innovation. The fruits of years of perseverance and adjustments are elegant and unique, and we can’t wait to wear them both as underwear and outerwear.

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