January 06, 2017

babylikestopony is always looking for unique new labels to add to our collection but we're tough critics. Our criteria includes labels that are body positive, pro-women, original designs, sweat shop free, sustainable, ethical, of the highest quality and contemporary. Big asks in an industry dominated by cheap mass production, design theft and a profit first attitude. Many other companies pay lip service to some of these ideals but we live by them, it's the reason I started this business in the first place. I truly believe in proving that doing business with your ideals and ethics intact is possible and damn it I'm going to prove it.

So a company established in 1962 by a Catalan textile engineer doesn't immediately fit the mold. But ANDRES SARDA is no ordinary lingerie label. A history of innovation, of breaking down stereotypes and developing designs that are not only comfortable and practical but also sophisticated and sexy and all produced in the family's home town of Barcelona and with Nuria SardáAndre's daughter, as creative director of the brand we're proud to welcome the label to our collection.

Creativity, excellence, new materials, the love of risk taking in design and the desire to surprise are the key attributes that define the product style of ANDRES SARDA, we hope you love it.

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