Everything comes from the heart

Everything comes from the heart

June 11, 2017

When I started bltp almost seven years ago high on my list of partners was to find an outstanding parfumerie. Scent is intrinsically linked with sensuality and how we feel so it was a natural fit. After identifying a few potentials they all fell short in one way or another after further research. So it's with great pleasure that I can finally cross this one of the to do list. 'Map of the Heart' is everything we love in a perfume. Driven by creativity and desire, luxurious, beautifully crafted …

Take this quote from the founding duo from a recent interview:

"The luxury in niche for us is that everything we do is driven by the desire to create the best possible product; every detail is examined and considered. This affects the quality of the fragrances, the bottle and the box, to reach the ultimate goal of their stories."

Be still my beating heart.

Our launch collection features our selection of 4 fragrances from the current range. Each is unique, each inspired by emotion, emerging from different worlds to tell it's own story.

We can't possibly pick a favourite; the black heart of mysterious spices shot with shards of fresh eucalyptus, the rebellious sensual notes of musk and vanilla of the red heart or the golden heart that inhabits a utopian world of peace in spite of differences of belief, celebrating inner wealth, respect and tolerance.

Come in store to experience them for yourselves.

To celebrate the launch, all orders come with a sample fragrance for a limited time. If you have a preference for a particular heart you'd like to sample, let us know in the notes at the checkout.

Online fragrance orders come with the confidence of our 'love it/keep it' policy. Your order will be shipped with a complimentary sample vial of your fragrance. If you love the sample, open the sealed box and keep your order, otherwise you can return it for a full refund. 

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