Fleet Ilya joins the stable

Fleet Ilya joins the stable

October 19, 2016

We've been fans of our latest addition for many years, a visionary design brand centred around excellence in the construction of leather.

Fleet Ilya came into being with the objective of establishing a label that both embraced the erotic possibilities of leather as well as bridging a high fashion aesthetic, our kind of brand. The result is expertly crafted, lifestyle objects, ready to wear accessories and functional restraint pieces.

Like all our brands, Fleet Ilya operate as an atelier, quality of both materials and design is intrinsic to every piece, created by hand using traditional methods while experimenting & embracing new techniques. 

You may have seen their recent catwalk collaboration with Comme Des Garcons, as well as Jonathan Saunders, and most recently couturier Ulyana Sergeenko.

Be sure to explore our curated collection of Fleet Ilya’s coveted pieces.