May 21, 2018

babylikestopony on the runway with avant garde newcomer Dana Lock for her MBFWA debut.

Sydney’s prestigious Fashion Design Studio has produced some of Australia’s best talent, counting the likes of Dion Lee, Romance was Born, Zimmerman & Akira Isogawa amongst it's alumni. At Sydney Fashion Week, every year the leading lights of the studio are chosen for 'The Innovators' Show.

At babylikestopony, we support designers who follow their own path and resist the temptation of peeking at the neighbour’s homework, all too common in fashion.

Which is exactly why ‘The Innovators’ is one of our favourite shows. It’s where the bold newness lives. That’s the thing with new talent, their creations are not burdened by marketing realities and commercial concerns. And that is often where true originality happens.

Dana's range is amazingly inventive and seeks to disturb the contemporary train of thought. Her sculptural silhouettes play between the concepts of imprisonment and freedom.

It’s always a pleasure to style and see our pieces strut the catwalk. But it’s a true pleasure to do it with a designer who is both empowering and an agent for change.

Visit Dana Lock online