February 12, 2017

Who better to create some amazing Nami collection inspired art on our windows than internationally acclaimed artist & friend Nanami Cowdroy.

We first met Nana in Sydney over 8 years ago when we stumbled across her art online. We were immediately drawn to the intricate inkyness, purchasing one of her beautiful pieces as a wedding gift. Nanami was so engaging and warm and our friendship slowly grew over the years. We now have a number of her works and are proud to say our influence has rubbed off on Nanami too, inspiring the art works 'Exquisite Femme' & 'Touch Up'. 'Exquisite Femme' features the intricate venetian masks we stocked at the time and you can play spot the Bordelle in 'Touch Up'.

Growing up with contrasting European & Japanese cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced Nanami's unique style and expression of creativity. The result is a mish-mash of contradicting elements, urban landscapes with underwater creatures or technology with nature in a way that brings a sense of co-existent harmony.

Nanami wears DSTM hooded body and Mercurius harness

Being brought up in a family of artists encouraged Nanami’s creativity and allowed her to embrace her view of the world through artistic goggles – something she put on at an early age.

“When I was maybe three or four, I got my hands on some face paints, and I became obsessed with them! I drew whiskers, butterflies, stars, spiders, glasses, vampire blood, stitches, you name it – but I was allergic to them! Though that didn’t stop me… I ended up drawing on my face every second day, with the alternating day used to calm down the skin irritation & swelling… I guess you suffer for your passion!”

We will also be featuring some of Nana's other work in the store, drop by to drink in the inky beauty.

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Photography by @justinfoxau

More images from Nana's in store shoot on Justin's blog.