Studio Pia joins the fold

Studio Pia joins the fold

September 20, 2018

I first met Pia Conaghan almost ten years ago when she was the lead designer at luxury lingerie powerhouse (& babylikestopony fave) Bordelle. My respect for her craft, design sensibility and our friendship has only grown since then so I’m absolutely thrilled to bring her label, Studio Pia, to our collection.

As a lifelong veggie, Pia set out to create the first lingerie brand using exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk. Ethics and sustainable practices are at the heart of the brand but this is just one reason we love the collection. It is also an inclusive range, each piece is designed with expert use of sexy, yet supportive cuts, light body-shaping elements and adjustable sections that flatter a range of body types and adjust for perfect fit. Add hardware plated in 24-carat gold, detachable shoulder straps and finely woven embroidery and you have a unique collection that we’re proud to represent.

The designs reference the worlds of fine art and couture, matching rich colours and bespoke embroideries with exquisite construction techniques and quality craftsmanship. The ranges are designed and developed in house in London and production is done by highly skilled, small batch ateliers in the UK, or made to order completely in house. This kind of close relationship with suppliers & collaborators is key to creating a collection of this quality and is a rare find in an increasingly disconnected industry. 

We expect our brands to tick a hell of a lot of boxes; ethical, luxury, original design, quality materials and craft with no compromise on aesthetics, comfort and great  fit. Studio Pia is all that and then some. Welcome to the fold.

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