December 14, 2020

Taking its name from Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaiʻi that extends so far below sea-level that it is in fact the tallest mountain in the world, Kea draws its influences from the always beautiful and often frightening nature that surrounds us.

From the designer:

"That which is dangerous to us can often draw us in with its beauty. In nature this is especially true, whether it be in the intricate markings of wild animals, or a bolt of lightning striking electricity across the sky. Designed and developed from start to finish with creative determination during the 2020 pandemic"

The Kea range showcases a bespoke Swiss embroidered voile in three colourways. Classic black, elegant navy blue and, new for SS21, tundra, a dusty purple (purely coincidentally, the same dusty purple appears as one of our bltp brand colours, so you know we love it).

The collection has a refined sensuality, with delicately soft embroidery contrasted with quality 24k gold plated hardware and Bordelle's signature elastic straps. Nature's influence appears throughout the collection: The luxuriously soft voile features a contour map of Icelandic glaciers and waterways while the contrast edging of the lace is inspired by intricate scales and textures of reptiles and animals, while the tundra colourway evokes the colours of thunderous skies.

Kea influences

 Dare to embrace the dangerously beautiful - explore the collection