November 16, 2022

Much like some of us, there are flowers that bloom only when the sun goes down. Welcome to the moon garden, where Bordelle have once again looked skyward, exploring the moon, constellations and changing seasons to bring us another lust worthy collection for A|W 23 in two parts.

Part one of the collection, Kora, combines innovative new layers of luxurious soft mesh and armour like structured panelling. Taking inspiration from the story of Persephone, also known as Kora, the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld (shout out to our Virgo friends, Persephone is personified by the constellation of Virgo in Greek mythology). A unique aspect of the collection is the introduction of convertibility for a new level of flexibility and adjustability. Removable mesh panels transform bras and knickers into overts to match your mood or occasion.

Next up in A|W 23 is Vita is named after the author Vita Sackville-West, who designed the famous White Garden of Sissinghurst Castle in England. Featuring hand-drawn botanical designs embroidered onto recycled tulle, the collection utilises glow-in-the-dark threads in a nod to Moonflowers and Star Balsam flowers that reflect the moonlight and only bloom after dark.

A stand out is the Vita wrap bra which manages to combine wearability and incredible shape, perhaps our fave of the season. Cutaway peep elements and harness detailing play with beautifully fine embroidery, Vita is contemporary, intimate and romantic.

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