January 13, 2020

We have been absolutely devastated by the catastrophic and unprecedented bushfires that are currently burning across the beautiful country we call home and have been for months. Our thoughts and love go out to all that have been affected by this ongoing crisis.

It’s so easy to feel helpless, but as a brand built on sustainability and ethics we want to do what we can to address the crisis now and rebuild in the future. As other like minded businesses have done, we will be donating al of our profits for a month, starting Monday the 13th of January. That means if you shop with us, not only will you take home an originally designed, beautifully crafted piece created by artisans that helps you feel like the fucking queen that you are, you will also be helping care for the countless native animals that have been injured, orphaned and displaced by the bushfire crisis. They don’t have a voice but we do.

It just may be the sexiest donation you’ll ever make.

But where to focus your efforts in such wide ranging devastation? For us, if there’s one guiding light, it is to follow your heart. (Disclaimer: your experience may vary ;)

We are particularly heart broken by the plight of the innocent native animals that are suffering, so we  have chosen Wires Wildlife Rescue & Taronga. Wires is a mostly volunteer organisation that works year round rescuing all kinds of wildlife. Their budget is stretched at the best of times so they need all the help they can get to address the current onslaught. Similarly, Taronga have had an unprecedented number of injured animals admitted to its wildlife hospitals, impacted by bushfires, heat stress and drought. They need ongoing support to provide care for the much wider range of Australian species who now find themselves in crisis.

We want to stress that this is not enough. As a niche business in a corner of Sydney we don’t pretend to have all the answers. But we do know that when the fires are out and the headlines have faded there is a long road to recovery. We want to ensure our support is ongoing, so we will be actively looking for more ways to help. Bush regeneration, for example, will be imperative in order to replenish habitats that, quite literally, provide the air we breathe, homes for our wild life and form an integral part of the interconnected and fragile ecosystem that supports life on earth. If you’d like to stay informed about opportunities to volunteer or donate in the months ahead jump on our email list or watch our socials and we’ll let you know what we are doing.

From its inception over a decade ago babylikestopony has always been an ethical business. Our owner & founder, Megaera, comes from a long line of environmentalists with her grandfather being an award winning conservationist, so you could say it’s in our DNA. We’re passionate about addressing the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, ensuring sustainable and ethical production that’s slave free, supporting women run businesses and only representing original creators. We see this as an extension of what we are and want to be in the future. We are a small business working with very limited capital so we don’t have the flexibility of larger brands but we have always been determined to be a business that gives a fuck and we have never and will never put profit above our ethics.

So please, support us and other like minded businesses when you can & together we will unfuck not only the bushfire devastation but maybe a few other things as well.

It’s 20 fucking 20.

Let’s fix this.